What’s Best for You?

Choosing a direct sales company can be complex and challenging. If you do it right, your direct selling adventure will be a very rewarding journey. If you go about it the wrong way, you’ll be sorry and probably more in debt than where you started.

Unfortunately more often than not, a lot of people jump into the direct sales market on a whim. Whether the opportunity presented itself at a party or a friend’s ability to persuade you to join their company worked, make sure you do appropriate research to find the perfect company for YOU. I emphasize you because not every company is right for every person, which is why researching and doing your homework is of utmost importance.

As with most things new, there will be fears and insecurities when you embark on this journey. Wondering if you’ve made the right investment or what will happen if you’re just not the right person or personality for the direct sales position are completely normal thoughts to have. However, if you are prepared, you will be more confident in your decision and more motivated to grow your business to the fullest extent.

As we wrote about last time, goal setting is your first step. In order to set your goals appropriately, ask yourself: Why am I getting into direct sales? Is it because you have a certain product in mind that you would love to be able to purchase with the consultant’s discount? Or are you doing it because you need additional income to support your family? Once you’ve answered this question, you can begin setting goals that will help you grow and ‘Flourish’ in your business. (See what I did there?)

Next up is selecting your industry. What interests you? Take myself for example. I am a person that people tend to label as “sporty”. Not that I mind that label, I actually embrace it. It’s who I am. I also REALLY like bags, but not small, quaint purses with sequins. I prefer bags with functionality and organization. Keeping these things in mind, should I be ready to take the leap into direct sales, a company that sells cosmetics or fancy jewelry probably wouldn’t make me a successful businesswoman. It’d behoove me to research companies like BeachBody or ThirtyOne (love their bags) since these are some things in which I’m passionate about.

Once you’ve narrowed down a list of companies, dig a little deeper so that you can analyze your research. Keep in mind that larger companies aren’t always better. The larger the company, the more saturated the market is going to be. This is not to say that you won’t be successful joining a largely established company. It’s just a tip to keep in mind. Many times young companies can be easier to establish a customer base and a team beneath you since the market (most likely) hasn’t become saturated with consultants.

Target Audience: Think about who your target audience is going to be. Make sure it is easy to surround yourself with people who can potentially become your customers. If you decide that selling children’s books with the fabulous Usborne Books is a great fit for you, yet you don’t have kids and don’t know that many people who could be your initial customers, it’s going to be pretty tough to get going.

Price Point: Be aware of the price point of the products you’ll be selling, too. If your company offers a lot of deep discounts and low priced items, it will be a lot more work to make the same commission you would make on a product that is more expensive but still sellable.

Training: Make sure the company you choose provides adequate training for their consultants. Things like webinars, ecourses, videos and an online helpdesk will make your transition into direct sales run smooth. I will ALWAYS choose a company (especially if it’s an online application or what have you) that offers great support over a company that might be a little less expensive to get into, yet doesn’t offer the support.

CRM: Once you’ve made your decision and are on your way to building a client base, invest in CRM software (Customer Relationship Management). An application like Flourish will enable you to track your sales, manage inventory, create invoices, track your income, expenses & mileage and so much more. This will save you time and money so that you can concentrate on selling and growing your business.

Good luck, and happy selling. May the direct sales industry leave you excited, motivated and your pockets a little bit deeper.


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