Nov 16

5 Steps to a Successful Holiday Selling Season

Billions of dollars are spent every year on Black Friday. Cyber Monday sales soar year after year. You need money (That’s why you started selling your product in the first place isn’t it, well, one of the reasons.) and you’re bound and determined not to miss out on those holiday sales this season. Here are 5 simple steps to work this season and make this season work for you.


  1. Set a goal for how much you need to sell and by what date. This might seem like a needless first step but goals help to keep you focused and they give you a starting point to break down what you need to do each day to actually make money.
  2. Divide your dollar amount goal by the number of days between now and your goal date. Great! Now you know how much you need to sell each day to reach your goal and make the money you need. It’s going to start to seem a lot more achievable. If you set a goal date of Dec. 23 and today is Nov. 16 and your sales goal is $1000 then you have 37 days to sell $1000. That means you need to sell about $27 in product every single day. Here’s something fun to do. Don’t let the days accumulate. If you sell $100 today, still go for another $27 tomorrow. That way you just might fly right past that goal amount.
  3. Contact the people. The next calculation you need to do is figure out how many people you need to contact to sell your daily goal amount. If you have a company with a highly reorder-able or consumable product you might be able to contact your easy customers first. If your model requires you to see the people or direct them to a site for most sales you have to get on it! Set a goal number of contacts to make and actually make contact with that many people each day. If you have to talk to 5 people to make a sale, then call 10. (The ones you don’t reach can go on tomorrow’s list.) Reach your 5 people every day by 9:00 at night then take your own time to chill.
  4. Plan an open house, craft show booth, or virtual party or traveling open house as soon as possible. There are a ton of wonderful ideas to have hostess competitions or drawings. Whatever you do try to give all your customers a chance to see what is new for the holidays up close and personal. Invite them with a phone call or digital message then send them a text the day of the event. People really do want to see and touch what they’re buying. You can even do a traveling open house and have several hostesses around town invite a few friends to see your holiday sets. Pack them pretty and only stay for a short time, that way you can meet several hostesses in one day. If they can see it your sales will be higher but sometimes that just isn’t possible. Providing an online shopping option can help the busiest of shopper have an opportunity to see what you’re offering. Make it clean, simple to choose from and make great deals. The stores offer good deals this time of year and everyone is looking for a chance to save a dollar. Some of the best deals are gift with purchase. If you have any products that are from a previous line and you can’t use for show any longer, give those (wrapped beautifully) as a gift with purchase to customers who purchase a certain dollar amount. (Or you can give them an entry into a drawing for some beautiful products for ever $10 they spend.)
  5. Work your plan every day, then give yourself a break. You’ve got a lot of shopping to do too. You have a family and friends who would like to see you this season. Be sure that once you’ve don what you are supposed to do, to completely be done with it. Pay attention to those you love or they will resent your business and won’t be quite as excited when you reach your goal. Be sure that you are all in when you are working and all in when you are with your friends and family.

Most important is planning your work and working your plan. If you give it your all, you will have sales and you will be proud of your accomplishments when you look back on a wonderful selling season.

Sep 16

Use the product you sell

Would you buy a Ford from a car salesman that only drove Hondas?

Would you buy health supplements from a representative that lived on fast food?

Would you buy beauty products from a representative that only uses off brands from the big box stores?

I bet the answers to these are “probably not.”

My next question is:

Do you use your own products?

Have you felt/tasted/smelled/drove/experienced/worn the products that you are selling?

If you haven’t and if you don’t, then why are you asking others to?

You have to know your product inside an out. You have to understand the best way to use your product and unadvertised ways it can be used. You have to have a personal relationship with what you sell AND you have to love it! Believe in and experience everything about your product.

If you don’t that is going to seep through in your presentation. Your customers WILL ask you questions about your own experience. They will want to know YOUR opinion.

Sometimes people will say something like this. “My product is expensive. I’m doing this because I need money, I can’ really afford to use my product.” If you feel that way, then you won’t ever sell what you are trying to. You’ve got to get over that obstacle by investing in your own product to use for yourself. Once you do that others will do the same.

Have you ever heard the saying “he could sell ice to an Eskimo?” That person must really love ice and believe in ice to be able to sell ice to someone surrounded by ice. That must be the same for you too. No matter what it is you sell you must love it and believe in it. The only way that will happen is if you use it.


Nov 15

Small Business Saturday: Shopping Small and Your Direct Sales Business


Have you heard of Small Business Saturday? You’ve probably already got a plan in place.

Just in case you haven’t here are some last minute tips to make this local shopping movement work for you. Follow the three D’s.

Dial, Discount and Deliver

1)Dial You have got to reach the people. At this late hour (figuratively speaking) you are going to need to actually get in touch with your customers. This is an informative call. A personal, not group, text could also work. You are just calling them to let them know about what you are offering. You can ask a leading question but don’t corner them. You want them to answer next time you call.

2)Discount It’s the holiday shopping season and millions of dollars will be spent on gifts for loved ones. (And even some people we don’t love so much.) Some of that money should be yours. Shoppers are looking for sales and discounts. You don’t have to give away the store but your customers want to save some money. Decide what you can afford and be consistent.

3)Deliver Save your customers a trip and bring them their purchases. If you can avoid having them pick them up they will love this service and don’t forget to make it pretty. My husband recently came home after finding a birthday present for his mom. He said “I can now add (enter local shop’s name) to the list of stores I can shop at, they offer free gift wrapping!” You have no idea how excited he was about a paper bag and matching tissue. It was a big deal to him. When you deliver it should be the most beautiful (and cost effective for you) gift you can provide. Wrap those gifts and make their holidays easy. They will keep coming back, year after year and holiday after holiday. Let them know you’ll do the same for the birthdays they shop for as well.

Here’s a quick script you could use.

“Hi Jenn, This is (enter your name) with (enter your company.) I just wanted to let you know about my Small Business Saturday Sale. You know I’m not like (enter big box store name popular in your area.) I can’t advertise during the evening news. I am offering 25% off your entire order now through Saturday only. Who are you most nervous about shopping for this year? I have just the perfect gift for them (have a few ideas ahead of time for mothers in law, fathers in law, sisters and brothers in law and great grandmas.) I’ll send you an email with some pictures. There will be a link to my website there as well. I might follow up with you on Saturday if I don’t hear from you just to make sure you’re getting it all figured out! Thanks so much Jenn. Don’t forget to wear comfy shoes black Friday shopping and be safe! Talk to you soon, Bye!”

You can do this!images-1

Apr 14

Direct Sales Boost Sales

One of the nice things about doing direct sales is the average sale-closing rate. According to an article in Inc.com the average closing rate of a product located inside a retail establishment is about 2%. For direct sale it’s close to 100%! The reason for this is the unique home party approach of the direct sales model.

Home parties bring great success for a couple of reasons. First, once someone decides to attend a party, they’ve committed to make a purchase. Second, parties allow for you, the consultant, to eliminate a high pressure sales situation and allows the party goers to personally experience your product so they know exactly what they’re getting when they leave your party.

Now in order to keep this positive experience going for your customers, combine throwing awesome home parties with an organizational Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool like Flourish. This will keep your customers organized, enable you to create invoices in a timely manner and show your customer that you care about your relationship with them.

Now if you’re already a customer with Flourish, spread the word to your fellow consultants, helping them boost their business and potentially yours as well. Here’s to a great springtime selling season. Cheers!

Jul 13

Write. Visualize. Do.

“A goal properly set is halfway reached.” – Zig Ziglar

This is a quote I came across the other day and after I read it, it really caused me to think about the goals I have set for myself, not only for my business but my life in general.  The more I thought about my goals, the more I wanted to dig into the interwebs and hear what others had to say about setting goals. That’s when I came upon this article in the Huffington Post.

It was a simple article, broken into three categories, but they made sense. They made me want to sit down and follow their instructions step by step. See, typically when I set goals I make them up in my head, get really excited about them for a week or so and then one by one they become a little less vivid until they have been completely disposed.

So, enough of my babbling, here’s a rundown of the article. Write. Visualize. Do. That’s it! Write down your goals, and not just in a simple list. Elaborate on them, push yourself to be specific, and enivision yourself getting there. Take time to re-read these goals frequently and visualize how you’re going to act upon them and get them done. Finally, Do. Gather all the confidence you can muster, and go out and surprise yourself. See what you can do once you’ve been intentional about setting goals, and surpass them.

Once you surpass your goals, it’s time to do it all again. The sky’s the limit.

If you want to read the article in it’s entirety, you can check it out here. Good luck to us all.

Nov 12

My Bootstrapping Story


I’m feeling a bit nostalgic today so I’ve decided to share a little information about the origins of Flourish.  Flourish was born out of another company that I co-founded almost 13 years go with my dad and brother.  It was called Pink Office.  In 2000 my wife and mother were both Mary Kay sales directors, my mother still is actually and my wife is now a Thirty-One Consultant.  Back then they were both very frustrated by the amount of time it took to keep track of their businesses.  My background is in information technology, so I quickly sought out a software package to assist them with their mutual struggle.  However we all quickly realized that the prevailing software of the time came with its own set of frustrations and pitfalls.

Continue reading →

Aug 12

They Gave Us A Bad Name!!!

By Teresa Petrowski

Pyramid, ponzi, schemes & scams whatever you want to call it, for some reason Direct Sales consultants have been associated with these awful terms! In reality, direct sales companies are nowhere near that! According to the beloved Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyramid_scheme),

“A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public.” Continue reading →

Aug 12

Know Your Product

By Sandy Hurtado

Know your product – it’s a simple concept but a lot of people think they just need to know the items that they sell. Really knowing your product requires effort, time, and a thirst for knowledge about everything having to do with your product, including your competitor’s products. In my case, I decided to take on my new business by learning everything about denim and fashion. Continue reading →

Jun 12

Building A Direct Sales Business In Your Local Market

By Kim Thompson-Pinder

I would love to be able to share with you today that you could promote your business once and you will have customers and recruits flooding in for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. It is going to require time and consistent effort to be able to get your name out there, but once you do the results will be worth it.

After several years of promoting myself and my business, people will come up to me and say, “Are you the Avon Lady?” and I always respond with pride and offer them something, either the earning opportunity or a brochure of my products. It is not unusual for me to receive phone calls from new people because they got my name from one of my good customers. At least ¼ of my customers have come from referrals. That is a wonderful place to be, potential customers and recruits coming to you instead of you trying to find them. I have been asked many times how did I do it, so today I am going to share with you some of the ways and places that I go to prospect for customers and recruits. Continue reading →

May 12

Can Introverts Thrive in Network Marketing?

By Selwa Lukoskie

Direct sales, network marketing, MLM – whatever you want to call it – requires one key skill, no matter who you are: effective communication. You’ve got to be able to talk to people. That’s one thing that has always caused me to shy away from the network marketing industry. I’m an introvert. Being an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re shy. Though sometimes I get a little nervous at the thought of having to speak aloud in large group settings, I think shyness borders severe social anxiety much more than introversion. Introverts are introspective. We’d rather sit at home on a Friday night with a good book and a good beverage than go out and be around a lot of people. We don’t mind solitude; many times we prefer it, as it gives us more time to think, elevates our creative energies, and allows us to better develop a skill that’s absolutely crucial to effective communication: listening.

I recently fell in love with a quote published on Time.com, in an article called “Shhh! The Quiet Joys of the Introvert:”

“Introverts listen better, they assess risks more carefully, they can be wiser managers. It’s not for nothing that the Silicon Valley billionaires are so often the retiring types.”

I recently joined a health and wellness company in the network marketing industry that is helping thousands of people lose body fat and get healthy. When I first got started, it was more for the products than for the business. Because I’m an introvert, I didn’t think I’d be able to “sell” the products effectively. I don’t really like sales and I especially hate the thought of having to force any product on my friends and family in order to be successful – which leaves me one of two options: 1. Meet new people. In order to do that, you’ve got to be willing to go out and be among large crowds, or 2. Be really good at generating leads through Internet Marketing. I dreaded the first option, and I know that the second takes time, especially if you want people who will stick around for a while.

I’ve been with this company for several months, and in that time I’ve made a little bit of money. Not a fortune by any means, but a few hundred dollars. And I’ve got to say, it’s the easiest money I’ve ever made. Not only that; I absolutely love the products and believe in them 100%, and I’m beginning to generate residual income simply by sharing it with others through various means of communication, both online and off. I don’t have years of experience in network marketing, but based on what I’ve seen so far, the answer to the question, “can introverts thrive in direct sales or network marketing” is: YES. Absolutely. Here are 3 tips for introverts who are struggling with the idea of multi-level marketing as a means of generating income:

  1. Listen. Learn more about the people you come in contact with. Find out what their goals are, what they want in life. Take the focus off of yourself and put it on them. The secret to being successful and getting what you want is helping other people get what they want.
  2. Get to know your product. Use it. Learn everything you can about it. Get excited about it. Get really good at talking about it concisely and effectively. The more you believe in what you’re marketing, the less it will feel and appear as though you’re “selling” something. No one likes a used car salesman…
  3. Learn Internet Marketing. If you’re an introvert you’ll probably want to spend less time in large crowds. Channel that time toward building your business online. Learn how to create a website/blog. Learn about search engine optimization (SEO) and apply it to your website/blog. Build relationships via social media channels like Facebook, twitter and Linkedin. I’ve found Facebook to be extremely effective in building my own network marketing business. People market products on Facebook every day without even trying to, and your friends are more likely to trust you than a random stranger. Linkedin is also a great business tool that you can use to connect with others in the MLM industry. There are tons of resources out there on how to market your business online, and many of them are free – just do some research and you’ll find them.

About the author: Selwa Lukoskie is a singer/songwriter, a health and wellness consultant, and an introvert in the network marketing industry. Read more about her endeavors at www.selstalk.com, and feel free to connect via Facebook, twitter or Linkedin. Introvert or not, she’s wide open to meeting new people.